Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Technology (New Snowshoes)

I got new snowshoes for Christmas - lovely blue coloured ones with wicked crampon things that make climbing up and down hills a joy.  I also have a pair of poles to complete the ensemble.  The story is almost as good as the fun I'm having practicing in the mounds of snow we have this year.
Apparently, the young man at the sporting goods store was trying to convince my husband of all the latest and greatest improvements to this year's models - when he was checking out the last years 75% off ones.  Chuckle, chuckle.  Little did he know that the old snowshoes being replaced were classic modified bears paw snowshoes that I got in 1973.
The old snowshoes

And the new snowshoes

And here's some great snow pictures (you can either whine about the stuff, or take advantage of the great pictures).  I took some pictures of the drifts hanging off the carport before Cal spent the day shoveling/raking feet of snow off the roof.  And also a picture of our front step (the Christmas decorations are on the third step up from the ground and barely visible behind the piles of snow from the roof.

We had a great day snowshoeing in the Peace River hills.  Mostly following a snowmobile track with the occasional short cut through fresh snow where even with snowshoes we were more than knee deep.  These pictures look as if we are miles from any civilization - but in reality, by turning around you could see the town.

 And just to end with a bit of a smile.  Around here, there is a project to give "addresses" to all the rural homes to make it easier for emergency crews to find you which is also a nice touch when you are unfamiliar with local directions like "turn left where the old horse used to stand".

And somehow, that means that the 12 Foot Davis lookout has it's own street name and address, too.

For anybody who remembers the iconic 12 Foot Davis monument, yes it is missing.  It was removed because of vandalism.  Sadly.  And they are changing the road, too, because it is slipping (like many of the roads on the banks of the Peace).



  1. Still learning the technology. I've figured out how to move photos, but sometimes Blogger thinks it knows better!! Next time, I won't add captions and just add photos through the blog.

  2. Just a note about the road we took up to the lookout. It finally slipped and is now impassible, except by very careful walking. The new road comes in from the top of the hill and goes past the agricultural grounds.