Sunday, 20 October 2013

A wee quilty pleasure

It's been mostly fixing things for kids the last couple of weeks. Creating a huge tshirt quilt to use up 30 or so tshirts and a couple of pairs of jeans way past wearable. Then putting a well loved afghan back together. I learned how to mend knitted holes for that project. And, still in the works, repairing a vintage backpack.

It was fun to play with some scraps and create this little quilt just because. Ok, it is going to cover a lovely wooden table in the living room that badly needs refinishing not just covering.

The front is a block from Elizabeth Hartman that I loved the first time I saw it. As I was sewing the binding on tonight, I realize that I had actually used left over pieces from the tshirt quilt! Clearly it's time to clean up and put away before the next project.

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  1. This post was from my iphone - practicing for our year of travel. I need to remember that photos can be cropped before I post them :) And I need to figure out if I can post photos mid post or not. Also, can I take photos from somewhere on the interweb?