Tuesday, 13 May 2014

N 41.37.11 E 45.55.22 Journal Quilt (only a memory)

Signagi. Since we entered Georgia almost two weeks ago, I've been working on a cool square for my quilt. I used some wool and silk threads to make stitches suggesting the mountains of Georgia and the plan was to dye the square with a Georgian red wine (the different fiber types would accept the dye differently) and then do some other stitching on top.

The square sat in it's wine bath last evening - Pheasant's Tears Saperavi 2012 - and was put on the outside line to dry. Sadly, it made it's escape during the night and is now happily settled on the neighbors roof. I figure the local birds will end up with some upscale fibers for their nests.

Plan B. Bag of fabric and threads are going looking for a glass of wine today. This is probably a better story anyway. 

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