Friday, 1 February 2013


Here's a post from July 2009, just before we left on our "trip of a lifetime" to Australia and the World Masters Games:

The news today is that Michael Phelps lost his first "important" race today since 2005. Huge uproar in the swimming community and some reporting that Michael was not pleased (whether with his performance or about not being first). Blame it on the suit, or on the lack of training/competition since the Olympics.

And here I am, having the time of my life getting ready to go swimming in Australia. I've perfected getting my cap and goggles to stay on. I'm willing to be seen in public in my bathing suit - all 100% polyester textile, by the way. I hardly ever belly flop, and my turns are all legal. At the beginning of July, I actually cut down on the number of hours I was swimming because it was getting to be a chore, and have stuck to the early morning swims that start my day off right.

My goals for Sydney. Find the Olympic Park and get registered. Get to my races on time. Swim in the Olympic Pool. Take some pictures, get some autographs. Bring home a tattoo. And, if per chance, I should finish in the top 10 in any of my races, I will probably bronze the result sheet and hang it prominently somewhere (or make it into a quilt). I stand by my comment after the meet in March, that I am delighted to have finished second in my age category to someone who set a Canadian record. (OMG, I was at a meet where how many records were set?!!)

Honestly, I wish Michael Phelps and all the other swimmers well, because I get a great deal of joy out of watching elite swimmers. But I also hope there will come a time in their lives where swimming is fun for them, too.

I DID IT!!! Finishing the 800 Free at Talisman Pool in Calgary. First in my age category - don't ask about my countless competitors.
Just a note. The London 2012 Olympics saw Michael Phelps compete once again. No he wasn't perfect, but he was still good enough to make finals and win some races in his fourth (I think) Olympics. He looked like he was having a good time hanging out with team mates after the last race. Perhaps, in time, he'll move over to the Master's side of swimming where competition and joy can happen together.

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