Sunday, 30 March 2014

8 sleeps - Where I live

In a little over a week, we will be leaving for a year of travel and I've been thinking about how to introduce my home to the people we will be meeting on our journey.  Chances are, they will never get to see northern Alberta.

We moved here in the 1970's for "a year or two" and fell in love with the land and the opportunities.  Even the long cold dark days of winter have their beauty.  Here are some pictures of my neighborhood.

 The trees in our yard encourage the birds.  They get quite insistent if we forget to fill the feeders.  One year, we even had a family of merlins use our yard to teach the young ones how to fly.

Rabbits hop through the yard
Our squirrel who has learned
NOT to hide the peanuts under the snow
, but to put them in our neighbor's old truck :)
When warmth and sunshine finally arrives,
the plants spring into action! 
and dragonflies too
Some years winter comes early, some of  the leaves still green
and all of the leaves still on the trees
And still lots of snow come April


And winter at the park
Winter makes beautiful pictures
Two young deer on the trail
And even a sail boat at the park

Winter sky over the park
Hiking the Peace River hills
A field of mixed geese on their way north
Junction of the Peace and Smoky Rivers -38 degrees

Alberta Wild Rose and friend
Our almost next door Jasper National Park
And Merry Christmas from Northern Alberta
(did I mention that we are skipping winter next year?)


  1. Grrr, still having problems with formatting.

  2. A bit of editing today. Cal says it would have been quite the sight to have a family of eagles learning to fly in our yard. They were actually merlins, and we wondered if the young were also getting introductory hunting lessons on the other birds that visit our feeder :) Also, for the birders reading this, the field of geese included white fronted ones - less common than the Canada Geese around here.