Saturday, 24 January 2015

Memories of Nepal

We traveled through Nepal in late July, passing very quickly from the highlands of the Himalayas to the valleys below.  I mentioned in my blog about it feeling like everything was on the vertical - narrow roads clinging to hillsides as we moved into temperate rainforests at sea level.  As I review these photos in late January (so six months later), I still remember how odd it was to come out of Tibet and into an area with lots of western tourists.  We weren't unusual anymore.

The other change for Nepal after we left was a major landslide on the main road north of Kathmandu. We followed with interest the Kathmandu to Istanbul blog as they worked to figure out how to get everybody across the section that was not passable for vehicles.  A minor problem for them (and great bragging rights, I think) but a major issue for Nepal when its only north south route is cut.

I love this photo that Alicia took on our river cruise in Chitwan National Park.
It makes me look like the grand explorer.

Retail therapy in Kathmandu.  OK, not made in Kathmandu, but
hand embroidered by the ladies in the shopkeeper's village in
India, just across the border. My living room is going
to be festooned in assorted pillow cover sized fabric arts!

Driving into Nepal, we are starting the long downhill drive.

Wee friend at the Last Resort

Crossing this bridge from Calypso to the resort was more than
enough for me.  These crazy folks are waiting to jump off
the bridge

terraced rice fields.  Terraced by hand over hundreds of years

Health and safety.  This guy was in flip flops and using a metal
ladder to work on the loose wires.

Our stay in Kathmandu was a sensory delight.  These
quilts were embroidered by hand and a full sized bed quilt
would cost the outrageous price of about 50 USD

Visit to the monkey temple.  We got there by tuk tuk
and then back by taxi.  Part of the experience.

Eyes of the Buddah.  On everything.  Including a lovely wee
purse I purchased in Tibet (made in Nepal)

Snow leopards guarding something.  Any time you
saw snow leopards, you knew there was a Tibet connection.

Thhis little fellow had a lovely time entertaining the pigeonns

Nico organized a group meal complete with local dancers.

Courtesy local alcohol (rocket fuel) served in unglazed
crockery that I think was supposed to be thrown on the floor.

views of the Annapurna range from Pokara

One day we walked around the lake.  This dog followed us from
almost the beginning.  Defended us from several sets of dogs (who clearly
thought he was invading their turf).  Then stopped off at his house
as we passed it.

And the mountain itself (Annapurna) sneaking out from
the clouds as we drove away from Pokara

Alicia in front of me in the canoe

Our guide showing us one of the many bugs

Breeding center for elephants.  I found it very sad to see
the animals tied so they could not move at all.  Many behaviours
that showed how traumatized they were.

Throughout Asia we saw these guys - great at eating insects.

It was Shiva's birthday as we were travelling into India
we passed dozens of processions with people carrying containers
of water from the Ganges and all dressed in orange.

The Ganges (upstream, so not yet horridly poluted)

Trying to get the Nepal Carcassone game completed before the border

Nepal side of the border.  The Nepal/India border was
so relaxed that we missed it and had to go back across the bridge
and start over.

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