Saturday, 12 April 2014

April 9 - four hours in Heathrow

The clock says noonish and my brain says too early for breakfast after not enough sleep. Unbelievably big. Terminal 5 is British Airways only and it has 50 or so gates separated on three pods. Security gives special attention to our boots and iPad then spits us out with the hundreds of others going somewhere else. Not very friendly.

Question. Why are there dozens of expensive perfume, makeup, jewelry, clothing vendors? No books or magazines?

Question? Why forty five minutes free wifi?

Question. Why do you only learn your gate 50 minutes before departure. Rush. Rush. Three pods fifty gates.

Question. Why does British Airways allow people to carryon full sized suitcases and not follow boarding rules? Rule following Canadian passenger at a disadvantage.

Question. Why was British Airways so friendly and efficient in Calgary - leaving early, smiles, no worries. But not in London? Crowds, not enough agents, too much to store in overhead bins. Left late.

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