Monday, 28 April 2014

Week two N 40.45.49 E 39.35.59

Serander campground between Trabazon and Sumella monastery. Our last day in Turkey and start of week three. Tomorrow we head toward our first border crossing into Georgia.

Our group is starting to work together. What interests and pleases me is that although we are very different people, that there is an attitude of helping each other and an understanding of differences. I can see this being a great six months.

We spent three nights at a camp in Goreme with great facilities, including the hot air balloons drifting over just after sunrise. It was ALS a chance to see some master pottery. Google "chez Galip" to see wat I mean as no photos were allowed. Spoils you for the cheap mass produced stuff in the markets. We also had Pide - the traditional stew in pottery that is broken to be served.

Then we headed north on a narrow winding road through the mountains toward Trabazon on the Black Sea. Bush camp at 2245 meters at the snow line and in the clouds. It WAS beautiful the next morning.

Things I want to remember about Turkey. Friendliness of people. The calls to prayer. Learning to survive bush camping in less than stelar weather. Squat toilets. Shopping at bazaars and learning not to get lost.

Here's some pictures from my iPhone. I will edit this post to add other photos - probably in 2015.

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