Monday, 21 April 2014

Flowers for our guests

We had a lovely walk in the countryside today. Sunshine, mountains, olive trees and grapevines. And some more examples of Turkish hospitality. We just walked out of town on one of the roads. Not long after leaving town, a car stopped to make sure we were not lost. Smiles and thank yous were exchanged. Next a motorbike passed us, turned around and came back. He named a town and wondered if we were walking there - it was 15 km away. When we explained we were enjoying the scenery and the weather, he pointed at a nearby town where we could stop for tea and then there was another road to take back to Pamakkale and see the grapes and market gardens.

On the way back, a truck with two older gentlemen stopped to chat. They were gardeners with a number of huge bushes in the back seat. Before they left us, the second man had pruned two beautiful roses from one of the bushes and presented them to their "honored guests".


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